Huobi Japan Increases Brand Recognition with FPG Approximately JPY500m Investment

Last Friday, Huobi Japan raised approximately JPY500m (USD4.6m) in new funding. The funding was raised by issuing new stocks to the Japanese financial services group Financial Products Group (FPG) through private placement.

“Huobi Japan is increasing in name recognition, as FPG is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange”, said Haiteng Chen, CEO of Huobi Japan. “While Japan has seen a high incidence of the theft of digital assets, Huobi Japan has established a strong reputation for safety and technology.”

Commenting on the issuance, Chen added “That FPG chose to collaborate with Huobi in financing indicates greater mainstream recognition of our blockchain technology by mainstream financial firms. In addition to offering comprehensive financial services, FPG is considered a leading company within the market for JOL [Japanese Operating Lease] arrangements.”

Chen stated that future collaboration was possible, revealing “FPG has indicated further interest in collaborating with Huobi Japan. The areas of collaboration include digital currency settlement and real estate investment using STOs [securitized token offerings] in the future”