How to Enable Copy Trading?

Available Trading Pairs and Modes for HTX Copy Trading

HTX currently supports linear futures trading pairs like BTC/ETH/DOGE/ARB/OP/LTC/LINK for Copy Trading. Meanwhile, Traders can also take advantage of cross/isolated margin mode and access various order types, including limit and market orders, within HTX Copy Trading.

How to Start Copy Trading on Huobi (for traders)

On HTX App

Step 1: Tap Copy Trading on the homepage to enter the Futures Copy Trading page.

Step 2: Tap Leaderboard to filter traders by Leaderboard, Total PnL%, Total PnL, and Follower’s PnL.

To apply to be a trader, you can tap Become a Trader in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Tap traders’ avatars to view their trading details

The trading details are disclosed for your reference: total PnL (USDT), number of followers, win rate, ROI and daily PnL charts, futures copy trading data, current and history positions, followers, etc.

Step 4: Going back to the Copy Trading page, tap “Become a Trader” to apply to be a copied trader.

Step 5: After you have been approved as a copied trader, you can then tap My Copy Trading to view relevant information and statistics about yourself as a trader:

Trader Info

Followers, trading days, and ROI

Settings: You can set nickname, my tags, trader mode, maximum followers, and switch mode.

Account Overview

Total assets (USDT) and available amount (USDT).

Copied Trades

Profit sharing and my followers

Step 6

(1) Tap the settings icon and turn on Trader Mode to enable your trader identity.

(2) Complete copy trading settings by selecting the Profit Sharing percentage you want to get from your followers and tapping Confirm.

(3) Check “I have read and agree to the Registered Trader Agreement” and tap Confirm to enable your trader identity and Profit-Sharing feature. You can choose a Profit-Sharing percentage of 10%, 15%, 20%, or 25%. (You will share your followers’ profits, if any, based on this preset Profit-Sharing percentage after they have closed their positions.)

Step 7

If there are no assets in your Copy Trading account, you need to tap My Copy Trading to enter the personal info page and transfer assets, which will transfer USDT from the USDT-margined futures account to your Copy Trading account.

Type in your desired amount and tap Transfer.

Margin range per order: 1 – 100,000 USDT.

Step 8: Go back to the Copy Trading page and tap Futures Trading to start trading.

(1) Set the Order Type and Leverage you want to apply, enter the price, enter the amount, and set take profit and stop loss ratios

(2) Tap Open Long or Open Short to place the order.

(3) After successfully placing an order in isolated margin mode, you can click ⊕ next to “Margin” to modify the margin.