Categories and Review of Mainstream Trading Bots

Source: HTX Learn

The surge of Unibot has led to the emergence of numerous bot projects, primarily categorized into DeFi trading, data analysis, airdrop farming, and other categories.

A comparison among five projects, including Unibot, MaestroBot, BananaGun, WagieBot, and MEVFree, shows that the most widely covered features are Anti-MEV and New Coin Sniping, followed by Limit Order, Copy Trading, and Anti-Default. The least covered features are Anti-Rug and Front Running.

The differences among these projects illustrate the diverse directions in which mainstream trading bots are evolving: comprehensive coverage, specialized upgrades, and AI integration.

Categories of mainstream trading bot projects

DeFi trading

Unibot (trading), WagieBot (trading and tracking), Boltbot (trading), 0x Sniper (trading), NitroBot (trading), Xbot (customized trading), ASAP (Discord exclusive), SwipeBot ($ETH, $ARB, $BSC AI trading), Bridge Bot (cross-chain), AI DEV (AI trading and token issuance), and All In (AI trading).

Data analysis

Cipher Protocol (analysis), NeoBot (analysis and tracking), Meowl (analysis and tool suite), TokenBot (social trading), Trace AI (AI analysis), Scarab Tools (analysis), BlackSmith (AI analysis), TrackerPepeBot (AI analysis and contract security testing), DAGMI (tracking), First Sirius (analysis), The DIG (token and NFT analysis), and WallyBot (wallet analysis).

Airdrop farming

Farmer Friends, LootBot, and alfa.society.


EnigmaAI (customizable AI for CEX trading), NexAI (a suite of AI tools), 0x1 (multi-functional), and MagiBot (privacy).

Mainstream trading bot projects


LootBot is a Telegram bot designed to help users automate airdrop farming. Through automation, it interacts with airdrops, tracks airdrop progress, and guards against Sybil attacks across multiple EVM-compatible chains.

Bolt Bot

Bolt Bot is a Telegram trading bot that offers different subscription levels based on the number of BOLT tokens users hold. Different subscription levels provide varying features (such as whale watching and presale purchases for higher levels) and different trading fees.


SwipeBot is a Telegram trading bot used on ETH, ARB, and BSC chains. Users need to hold at least 500 SWIPE tokens to access SwipeBot, and those with lower holdings will pay a 0.5% trading fee. It opens to non-SWIPE holders every two weeks.


MEVFree is a Telegram trading bot designed to prevent MEV attacks, helping users counter MEV during their trades.

0x Sniper

0x Sniper is a DeFi trading bot that caters to both experienced and novice traders while providing a navigational platform.


Saintbot is bot project that deploys anti-rug tokens without coding. Its native token, SAINT, has a total supply of 1,000,000, featuring a 5% trading tax on both buyers and sellers. Fifty percent of the bot trading fees are paid to holders with at least 1,500 SAINT.


ShopBot is an anonymous Telegram gift card bot that enables shopping with cryptos anytime, anywhere. It calculates the crypto amounts required for buying gift cards using real-time exchange rates. Its native token, SHOP, has a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens, including 95% is allocated to liquidity pools and 5% for marketing.


SharyBot is a Telegram bot that facilitates stock trading and tracking on social network. Through its protocol, SharyBot provides a simple way to create, manage, and trade stocks on Telegram.


Soaps.Tech is a bot offering self-custodian and decentralized applications and identity solutions for crypto influencers. With Soaps.Tech, users can buy, sell, and trade shares on Telegram.

Gaming bot collection

Instant Games is a game directory manager on Telegram, featuring over 20 games across genres such as casual and shooting. Fanton Fantasy Football is a football competition game where users can select their teams but cannot pick more than two players from the same club. Various tournament regions and levels are found across communities.

Comparison of mainstream bots’ advantages

In this article, we will compare the functionalities of five bot projects: Unibot, MaestroBot, BananaGun, WagieBot, and MEVFree. The table shows that the most widely covered features include Anti-MEV and New Coin Sniping, followed by Limit Order, Copy Trading, and Anti-Default. The least covered features are Anti-Rug and Front Running.