How do I withdraw assets safely from Huobi Global?

Withdrawing assets from Huobi Global is simple. If you haven’t done it before, you can use this lesson as your guide. We will use USDT to illustrate how to transfer tokens from your Huobi Global account to an external wallet or platform.

1. Log in to your Huobi Global wallet and click [Balances], then [Assets Overview].

2. Click on [Withdraw].

3. Select the token you want to withdraw. In this example, we will withdraw USDT.
4. Enter the withdrawal address. Bear in mind that entering the wrong address will result in the loss of your tokens. To minimize the risk of this happening, we recommend you copy and paste the address.

5. Select the chain to which you want to withdraw your tokens, and specify the amount you want to withdraw. You will see the corresponding transaction fee and the final amount you will receive. Note that the fee will be deducted from the withdrawal amount you enter in the ‘Withdrawal Amount’ tab. Therefore, if you want to receive a specific amount on an external wallet or platform, remember to add the fee on top of the withdrawal amount.

It is imperative that you ensure all the relevant information is correct before making a transfer, as your assets will be permanently lost if you select the wrong network.

6. Verify that all the information is correct and read the risk warning. Mark these steps as done by clicking the tab that reads: “I have checked the above withdrawal details and fully understand all the risks”. Click [Confirm] to confirm your order.
7. Depending on your security settings, you will need to also to verify the transaction with e-mail, phone and Google verification codes.
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