Report: Post-Diem — An outlook for next-gen L1 chains

L1 chain infrastructure has been the center of the crypto narrative. Technically, L1 chains have been making breakthroughs in consensus mechanisms, programmability, and scalability. Even so, L1 chains today still have development bottlenecks, such as performance that is not yet comparable to Web2 infrastructure and insufficient demand for applications. In the first half of 2022, starting with the Cosmos network, a number of new L1 chains were in the spotlight with regard to heated topics surrounding “modularity” and “cross-chain”. In the second half of the year, the three new L1 chains derived from the “Diem” series, Aptos, Sui and Linera, prevailed. This article discusses the innovations and advantages of the new “Diem” L1 chains in terms of technology and ecosystem from the following five aspects.

  • The three main features and advantages of the new Move language;
  • Parallelized solutions;
  • The innovation and difficulty of consensus mechanisms;
  • Exploratory development of tokenomics;
  • Possible trends of dedicated L1 chains or dApp chains.

Click here to download the full report from Huobi Research Institute.