What Do Lionel Messi and Huobi have in Common? Valentine’s Day NFTs

On Valentine’s Day, international football superstar Lionel Messi sent his wife Antonella Rocuzzo Cupid NFTs and a Cupid Love Rose, created by Cupid Labs. Some compared the constellations of the two Cupids to the astrological signs of the Messi couple. Not long after, Messi fans from around the world started to follow Cupid Labs and its NFTs.

What is the Cupid Love Metaverse?

Cupid Love Metaverse is a third-generation Internet prototype built on the blockchain. The founding team hopes to use blockchain technology to help young people from all over the world meet and date with people. Each user can create their own love house or even a love castle. Users can also travel to thousands of places around the world. Cupid NFT holders have more rights and privileges in the Cupid Love Metaverse.

In short, the Cupid Love Metaverse creates a unique virtual space where everyone from all over the world can explore its mysteries. People who own a Cupid NFT can enter its love adventure space with another Cupid NFT owner, and complete challenges to win more love-themed artwork NFTs.

Cupid x Huobi for Valentine’s Day

Prior to Valentine’s Day, Cupid Labs inked a partnership with Huobi, airdropping 20,000 Cupid Love Roses for Huobi DID (Decentralized Identity) users. Huobi DID provide users with a verifiable, decentralized digital identity. They play a crucial role in the metaverse by acting as a prerequisite for anyone seeking to enter it, serving as a bridge between Web2 and Web3. Huobi DIDs not only serve as an access gateway for users seeking to enter the metaverse, but also record and verify all information and activity on blockchains, giving users ownership, security and interoperability.

For Valentine’s Day Cupid Labs worked with Huobi to launch the limited Romantic Cupid collection and airdropped more Cupid NFTs. Tens of thousands of Huobi users participated and a select few were able to win rewards.

Cupid NFT: The World’s First Gift NFT?

How are these Cupid NFTs different? NFTs can be simply divided into three categories: avatar NFTs, artist NFTs and game NFTs, and the emergence of the Cupid NFT series could translate to a fourth category of NFTs: gift NFTs. These are especially designed for people to give away to friends and loved ones.

There are currently three limited NFT collections created by Cupid Love Metaverse. The first is the Cupid NFT collection, which is limited to 10,000 Cupids worldwide, and each Cupid is unique; the second one is the Romantic Cupid collection, and the third collection is the Cupid Love Rose collection, which is limited to 100,000 globally. Demand for the Cupid NFT and Cupid Love Rose collections have skyrocketed since Messi revealed his use of them for Valentine’s Day.

When a love rose is gifted to a loved one, the sender can also attach a message of love. These confessions and vows will also be displayed together with Cupid’s love rose, which will exist on the blockchain forever and cannot be tampered with!

The core team at Cupid Labs is composed of the world’s top NFT collectors, technology experts from Silicon Valley, fashion designers and other partners. The NFTs they create stand out in that they combine love with art, and technology with fashion.

After Cupid NFTs were launched on their official website, all Cupids were sold out within a short period of time, and secondary market prices on Opensea soared by more than 50 times. Everyone from NFT experts to investors and well-known collectors, financial institutions, international celebrities, and football superstars bought into the collection.

The rise of Cupid NFTs reflect the value of gift NFTs, and show how blockchain technology can be used to spread both love and emotion, and create wealth-building opportunities for people.