Huobi Global Launches Crypto Savings Products

Huobi Global, the world leading cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and liquidity is adding a crypto savings product option to its website at 7:00 UTC on August 20.

Users who passed the KYC verification process are eligible to apply for initial crypto savings products in flexible terms. The team has also prepared a newbie-only savings product with an annualized yield of 88%.

The crypto savings account will support deposits and withdrawals at any time. Huobi will be paying a daily interest to the crypto savings account and will support a real time settlement. 

However, Huobi Crypto Savings is not available to the following countries and regions: China, Hong Kong Japan, Singapore, the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

The savings product is only available to 1,000 users and an individual account has a 3,000 USDT limit (or equivalent BTC).

Ciara Sun, the Vice President of Huobi Global Markets said that the new product will be accessible on the mobile version at a later date.

“Huobi has been striving to provide our users with a wider variety of product types and we plan to continue this way. We have a lot of users who wants to keep their asset at one place and want to earn a good profit worry-free. We hear their demand loud clear, we react to it fast,” she explained.