The Importance of Blockchain Education

The cryptocurrency and blockchain space is unique in the fact that it is hugely broad, massively disruptive, and full of potential. However, the primary issue with this is that it is also a space that is largely misunderstood and not fully comprehended. 

The broadness of application of crypto and blockchain means that it can touch on a variety of different sectors. It has, of course, birthed its own following of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, but it is also permeating into Wall Street level finance, banking and markets, as well as in big business, supply chain management, and a host of other high tech arenas. 

But, when it comes to implementing and using blockchain in these sectors, the main question usually is ‘how can this be implemented effectively?’ Blockchain is broad enough to be shoe-horned into most companies in some way, but it is not always the right thing or the best option.

Determining if it is a suitable fit, and if the company can utilize and further promote the technology comes down to education on the topic. This is where Huobi University comes in, and where it has seen success. 

Huobi University has provided a number of high-level executives the tools and knowledge they need on blockchain technology to make the decision to utilize and expand, on blockchain technology in a number of different sectors. 

Below is a number of different testimonials from those who have benefited from learning more about blockchain and its application through Huobi University.

Student testimonials

Liu Songlin, Honorary Chairman of Jucheng Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Benzixingfu (Beijing) Cultural Technology Co., Ltd.

“My life pursues the depth of the soul and the height of technology. Coming to Huobi University for a blockchain course was a very good choice for me. You should feel welcomed to Huobi University in order to learn blockchain knowledge!”

Li Ying, producer of CCTV Securities Information Channel “Focus on Blockchain”

“The systematic learning process at Huobi University took my understanding of blockchain from the narrow sense to a broad-based cognition. I learned to do research from a rational scientific point of view, to distinguish between the true and false of one project, and to no longer make decisions based on one-sided viewpoint. We will all become industry evangelists.”

Xie Tingting, an expert in blockchain industry talent think tank, deputy director of Tsinghua x-elerator blockchain application laboratory

“Adhering to the sincere original intention, Huobi University is a seeder in the blockchain industry. It has a comprehensive curriculum design system, including many on-the-spot visits at home and abroad, high-end authority of mentors, professional teaching and administrative team, a strong atmosphere of exchange and cooperation among students. I have gained a lot from studying here.”

Hao Ying, founder of Qinghe Blockchain Asset Management and founding chairman of Tsinghua Wudaokou Blockchain Club

“Huobi University is an essential learning journey for blockchain recognition, which allows you to view the world from a subtle point of view and the future from a height. ”

Lin Xinsheng, Chairman of Sichuan Xintianjie Cultural Media Co., Ltd. 

“Aspirations are fearless. Join Huobi University and like-minded students to develop new tracks in the blockchain era.”

Eric Cheng, a well-known investor in Singapore and chairman of Huobi University Alumni Association

“Don’t wait to invest in Blockchain. Invest in Blockchain and wait.”

Dr. Hongming Zhou, General Manager of Homi Global Investment

“Huobi University gathers elite people in the blockchain. We learn together, play together, and build blockchain together.”

Zhao Geyang, chief scientist of Huike Group (postdoctoral fellow of Tsinghua University)

“Studying at Huobi University has enabled me to build my understanding of the development of blockchain. I believe that the application of blockchain technology will be popularized and change the world.”

Xu Yong, Director of the Financial Investment Committee

“Huobi University is the Whampoa Military Academy in the blockchain industry. By learning the well-designed educational content, I systematically combined my understanding of the blockchain.”

Xiong Yinan, Assistant General Manager of People’s Daily Information Technology Co., Ltd.

“Among any three people walking, I will find something to learn for sure. At Huobi University, my learning was empowered.