Huobi Introduces Bi-Quarterly Futures Contracts With Version 4.2.0 Upgrade

Huobi Futures has launched its latest 4.2.0 upgrade on June 14, and introduced a new futures product — Bi-Quarterly Contracts on June 15. These contracts join Huobi’s successful stable of derivatives trading tools and come soon after the successful launch of perpetual swaps earlier this year. 

The decision to further enrich the offerings from the Huobi Futures team comes after topping the daily trading volume in coin-margined perpetual swaps only a few months after it launched. 

The first quarter of the year saw derivatives market trading volume on Huobi Futures reach $438 billion, accounting for 22% of the total market trading volume. Huobi Futures’ 24-hour trading volume of the coin margined perpetual swaps market amounted to $5.46 billion on May 12, 2020.

Huobi launches products relative to user demand and the Bi-Quarterly upgrade will also allow higher leverage options up to 125X in nine mainstream cryptocurrencies with 36 trading pairs. 

“Huobi also has added weekly and quarterly futures products previously. We believe the Bi-Quarterly product can certainly provide a broader range of options for our users,” said Ciara Sun, VP of Huobi Global and Head of Global Markets.

“The popularity of Futures trading in cryptocurrency has been on the rise though 2020 with the market noting an uptick in institutional trading for these products. Huobi’s own platform noted institutional interest growth to rise to near 40 percent on its Futures platform in Q1 of 2020.” 

“These investors will be able to benefit from the latest upgrade and the new product offering. Additionally, there will be an adopted locked margin optimization, which can improve asset utilization and reduce position margins, and an API upgrade to look out for.”

Media Contact: 

Hailan Jia