Huobi China’s Industrial Blockchain Application Project “Coco Game Points” was Selected into the World’s Top Business Case Library

Recently, a case study on English business teaching, written by Dr. Li Huaxi, the project director of the Industry Empowerment Center of Huobi China, has been published online by Ivey Business Case Library, an internationally prestigious case study institution.

This case study mainly focuses on: “The Blockchain Regulation Platform of Coco Game’s Points”, which is jointly developed by Huobi China, Coconut Cloud Network Co., and the Bank of Hainan. This not only shows that Huobi China’s industrial blockchain application achievements have received high attention and recognition from top overseas business schools, but also reflects the important progress made by the Huobi China team in the development of high-level teaching cases.

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Ivey Publishing, The Richard Ivey School of Business at The University of Western Ontario, represents the highest standards of teaching case publishing in the world, and is the world’s leading provider of business cases. It is also known as one of the Three International Business Case Libraries, together with Harvard Case Library, and the European Case Library. Its cases have been purchased and widely used by major business schools all around the world.
Case teaching is the most used teaching method in business undergraduate, MBA and EMBA programs, and features in the AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and AMBA (The Association of MBAs) certifications of global business schools.

While actively using blockchain technology for industrial empowerment, Huobi China also pays high attention to the corporation with Universities and Research Institutes and the development work of transforming the projects’ practical experiences into localized cases, and fully utilizes the unique advantage of the unify of production, study, research and practice.

The Blockchain Regulation Platform of Coco Game’s Points is a blockchain application project with Coconut Cloud Network Co. accounting for the operation of Coco Game Points. The Bank of Hainan accounts for establishing special accounts to regulate merchants’ funds for purchasing points, Huobi China accounts for the joint development of the blockchain application project. All the actions of issuance and redemption of points are recorded on the blockchain. Governments, banks, and firms, all participate in the data regulation, which is transparent and of the highest security. It is also the blockchain points project guided by the government, supervised by financial institutions, and developed by enterprises.

It was launched in August 2019 and until now, more than 30 million deposited points have been issued, and more than 100 thousand accounts made – 170 thousand log data points are on the blockchain.

The platform has been connected to more than 200,000 different kinds of commodities and services, such as the topping up of cellphones or gas cards on shopping platforms like JD Mall and NetEase Selection. The total value of redemption can be over 30 million yuan, which becomes the typical practical application of Huobi China using blockchain technology in the field of empowering Hainan Free Trade Port and inclusive livelihood.

Huobi China has always been committed to leading the industrial upgrading of the blockchain industry, empowering various industries with blockchain technology. Through its leading solutions and solid project implementation, its industrial empowerment centers have created successful cases in many fields, including the Blockchain Regulation Platform of Coco Game Points jointly developed with Bank of Hainan and Coconut Cloud Network Co., as well as the Blockchain Platform of Lottery Anti-Counterfeiting & Traceability, jointly developed by Telling Telecommunication Holding Co., Ltd (000829.SZ). There is also the Blockchain Management Platform with the idea of ‘One Thing, One Code’, jointly developed by Jihong Group (002803.SZ).

In February of this year, Huobi China announced that it will launch ten standardized product solutions, including solutions of urban public health, successively after launching the independently-developed BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) platform, to promote the rapid development of enabling the real economy with blockchain technology.