Huobi Celebrates 6 Years With An All Star Program

Huobi has come a long way to provide its users globally with an integrated solution for fiat, spot and contract trading. At the heart of Huobi is the Huobi Global account. The HBG Account allows users to gain access to different modules on the Huobi platform, as well as trade over 200+ tokens across both spot, margin, contracts and fiat quickly and cost-efficiently. It is no wonder that Huobi Global ranks amongst the top exchanges globally.

One of the largest digital asset trading platforms globally, Huobi is the go-to place for high volume traders. To ensure this VIP segment is well catered for, Huobi recently upgraded its Key Clients Privilege Program (professional tier users automatically qualify for the privileges under this program).

Depending on their VIP category, clients can enjoy 1-1 customer service by Huobi, receive larger trading and withdrawal limits, and even exclusive co-location services.

However, Huobi didn’t stop there. VIP clients on Huobi’s platform uses more than one (1) product on Huobi. As an integrated digital asset trading hub, Huobi foresaw the demand for a more holistic, cross-platform experience for VIPs across our Spot, Contracts and OTC (Fiat) traders.

The global trading powerhouse started to address this by first announcing its HT Tiered Fees Structure on the spot exchange early July 2019.

Since then, the exchange has since started to roll out its tiered fee model across its various product lines. As of today, users can opt to save on transaction fees when they activate HT fee deduction mode across both Spot and Margin trades, with more to come.

To celebrate this major milestone, Huobi is proud to launch the ‘All Star VIP 6th Anniversary Fee Promotion’ to all professional tier traders as part of Huobi’s 6th Anniversary celebration. Key highlights include the Huobi All Star VIP Program, which targets high volume traders on competing platforms.

“Through the Huobi All Star VIP Program, Huobi aims to be a top of the line exchange that provides competitive fees.” says Livio Weng, CEO of Huobi Global. “Professional traders on competing platforms can now enjoy dual VIP spot and contract trading rates and privileges.

The promotion runs for a limited time period until the end of this 2019.

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With the complete rollout of its tiered fee structure across its spot, margin, contracts and fiat product offerings, Huobi is extending a warm welcome to all clients to its one-stop trading hub by introducing its ‘All Star VIP 6th Anniversary Fee Promotion’ program.

All Star VIP 6th Anniversary Fee Promotion

Promotion Summary

Promotion Period: 04:00 27th September to 04:00 1st January 2020 (GMT+8)

  1. Promo 1 – 30% Off Existing Rates: All existing users will AUTOMATICALLY enjoy an average 30% discount OFF existing rate. No action is required from all clients already on the professional tier.
  2. Promo 2 –  Huobi All Star VIP Program: Targeting All VIPs on competing platforms, Huobi aims to match rates by providing Dual VIP benefits on both Huobi Global & Huobi DM, allow users to reap dual benefits across BOTH Spot & Contracts trading. This is irrespective of whether they participate as a Contracts Or Spot VIP Trader.  
  3. Promo 3 – Potential VIP Tiered Fee Challenge: To assist users to quickly develop their strategy on Huobi, Huobi Global is offering users with minimum 500BTC  30-day trading volume across exchanges to enjoy trial the above-mentioned preferential rates for a two (2) month.

1. External Contract VIP Trader Participation in “Huobi All Star VIP Program”

Contract VIP traders within the industry can apply to participate in the “Huobi All Star VIP Program” based on their contract trading volume on competing exchanges,

For example: Trader A, a Contract VIP4 level trader with 30 day contract trading volume of 12,500 BTC, participates in ‘Huobi All Star VIP Program‘ to be become a Huobi DM Contract VIP4 level trader and qualify for Huobi Global Spot VIP3 preferential trading rates.

2. External Spot VIP Trader Participation in“Huobi All Star VIP Program”

Spot VIP traders within the industry can apply to participate in the “Huobi All Star VIP Program” based on their spot trading volume on competing exchanges.

For example: Trader B, a Spot VIP6 level trader with 30 day spot trading volume of 20,000 BTC, participates in ‘Huobi All Star VIP Program‘ to be become a Huobi Global Spot VIP6 level trader and qualify for Huobi DM Contract VIP7 preferential trading rates.

The above quoted rates are just base rates. Participants who choose to enable HT deduction and pay transaction fees using HT can further reduce their rates by another 35% off.

What’s more! Users can opt to borrow HT, in lieu of holding HT, in order to apply for Huobi Spot VIP trading fee rates.

Click here for promotion details.

Professional user can sign-up online, reach out to their relationship manager or directly email Huobi to find out more.