Huobi Prime Day PrimeBTC Trading Guide [Updated]

On May 22 to mark the ninth anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day – and the launch of Reserve’s RSR token on Huobi Prime – Huobi will be hosting a special sale featuring Bitcoin up to 50% off.

Got questions on how to participate? The following user guide is here to help.

UPDATE: Price & Time Of Sale

The special sale of Bitcoin (BTC) through Huobi Prime’s PrimeBTC event will start at at 18:00 (GMT+8) on May 22, 2019.

Subscription Ratio: 
Tradable prices in HT & BTC during “Huobi Prime Round is (using HT price of 2.6 USD;BTC Price of 8000 USD)
1st Round:1 BTC= 1538.46 HT;Trading 38 BTC;

2ndRound1 BTC= 2707.69 HTTrading 150 BTC;

Trading Amount:188 BTC

Prices yet to be finalized. Final price will be the average price of HT/BTC between 16:45—17:45 today.

Before You Start: Make Sure You Are Eligible

Participants must EITHER maintain a minimum HT position or daily average position of BTC, USDT or NEW, TOP, or TT tokens between May 15 and May 21 to qualify. If a participant meets both criteria, the higher cap of the 2 will apply.

OPTION A: Minimum HT Holding

In order to qualify for Huobi Prime by HT holding, you will need to have a daily minimum holding of at least 1000 HT during the holding period.

Each individual can place orders up to a maximum quantity (see Individual Cap based on HT holding during the holding period) across all Prime trading rounds.

Dateline for HT Position Accumulation: May 15, 00:00:00 (GMT+8)

Position Holding Period May 15, 00:00:00 to May 21, 23:59:59 (GMT+8)

Minimum HT Holding: 1,000HT

Individual Cap Based on Daily HT Holding (monitored by random snapshot):

Level Lowest Daily HT holdingin HT Individual Cap (in USDT)
1st 1000 ≤x <2000 400
2nd 2000 ≤x <3000 800
3rd 3000 ≤x <4000 1200
4th 4000 ≤x <5000 1600
5th x ≥ 5000 2000

OPTION B: Daily Average Holding In BTC, USDT And/Or PRIME tokens (TOP,NEW,TT)

Each individual can place orders up to 2,000USDT equivalent in Prime orders across both special trading rounds if they maintain a daily average positions of 20,000USDT or the equivalent in BTC and/or NEW and/or TOP and/or TT during the holding period.

Position Holding Period May 15, 00:00:00 to May 21, 23:59:59 (GMT+8)

Daily Average Position Holding: 20,000 USDT worth of BTC/USDT/TOP/NEW/TT

 (holding monitored by daily random snapshot, asset prices are based on spot prices at that moment)

Price Limit Round Summary

Information Details  
Start Time May 22, 18:00:00 (GMT+8)   
Token Name Bitcoin (BTC)  
Total Prime Allocation 1,500,000 USDT worth of BTC  
Trading Pair BTC/HT (HT zone)  
Number of Price Limit Rounds Two (2)  
Base Price: Average Price of HT/BTC between 16:45 – 17:45 May 22 2019 (GMT+8)   
Round Details 1st Round 2nd Round
Schedule 18:00:00—18:09:59 18:10:00—18:19:59
Prime Allocation 300,000 USDT worth of BTC (20%) 1,200,000 USDT worth of BTC (80%)
Price Limit 50% discount off Base Price 12% discount off Base Price
Matching Mechanism First-come-first-serve System Matching: All orders at the highest buy price will be filled partially;Amount filled is positively correlated to the size of the order; Order amount expected to be filled:   

(10 minutes per Round à 1st 5 minutes trading; latter 5 minutes clearance)

How To Trade:

Step 1: Login to HBG 20 minutes ahead of time via web, app or client.

  • First, open up website, click Huobi Prime Ad on top;
  • Second, click Huobi Prime Ad in banner to access Prime Trading page; Lookout for the Huobi Prime countdown clock and banner (available on trading date)

Step 2: When countdown ends, input ‘Order Amount‘ (less than individual cap) + click “Buy BTC’ + complete slide authentication.

Orders will be placed after slide authentication (required for bot defense), and the system will match orders.

Step 3: Slider Authentication

For Round 1: if orders successfully execute, click “Balance” and you should see the amount of tokens acquired.

For Round 2: Users with unused individual cap can place limit buy orders. Successful placement can only be confirmed after system allocation is completed after the 5-minute trading session is over. 

In each Prime Trading round, when 5 minutes is reached, or total tokens available for trading is sold out, Prime Trading is complete.


1. Slide authentication system might experience delays due to network issues, please wait patiently.

2. During Prime Trading stage, users can place sell orders, however individual cap will not recover if orders successfully execute.

3. Trading Protection: In order to avoid extreme price volatility due to exuberance, we will restrict the use of market orders within 5 mins after official trading opens and users are unable to place orders at prices 5 times higher than the highest tradable price during our Second Price Limit Round.

  Disclaimer: Huobi Prime will not, under any circumstances, make price forecasts or representations as to the asset’s investment characteristics. Huobi Prime will not provide any trading or financial advice and Huobi Prime users should conduct independent analysis including, where appropriate, taking third party legal, tax and financial advice.  Huobi Prime is limited to users from jurisdictions where digital asset trading is a permissible activity and no regulatory restrictions apply.

Digital asset trading comes with high risks. Please have full understanding of all the risks of trading digital assets and be prudent of your own trading decisions. Huobi will review and select the digital assets to be listed and traded, but does not guarantee or compensate for any return or risks thereafter.