Huobi Prime In 3 Easy Steps: A Complete Guide

Want to learn more about Huobi Prime, Huobi Global’s cutting-edge new platform that gives you early access to up-and-coming premium crypto coins? Not to worry. We’ve got you covered.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how easy it is to use Huobi Prime in 3 steps.

If you plan to participate in our inaugural launch of TOP, the native token of TOP Network, be sure to read to the end, where we’ll give further details of that launch.

Step 1: Click Huobi Prime Banner On The Homepage

Before the launch of a new coin through Huobi Prime, a Huobi Prime countdown clock and banner will appear when you log into your account at To access Prime, simply click on the Huobi Prime banner.

Note: you’ll want to do this on a computer as the Huobi Global app does not yet support Huobi Prime.

In order to ensure that you can participate, we recommend accessing the Prime page well before the countdown clock reaches zero and trading officially starts. In the case of our inaugural launch of TOP, we recommend logging in around 20:00 (GMT + 8), an hour prior to the scheduled launch time 21:00 (GMT + 8) on Tuesday, March 26.

Step 2: Get Set!

You’ll find a range of information at your fingertips on your Prime page, including an introduction to the upcoming project, Prime rules, and your individual cap (individual users are limited to no more than USD $1,000 worth of purchases). You’ll want to familiarize yourself with these prior to the opening of trading.

To participate in Huobi Prime, you generally need an average daily holding of 500HT over the 30 days prior to launch (though we have waived this requirement for the launch of TOP).

Step 3: Start Trading

Once the countdown clock reaches zero, trading on Prime will start. Initial trading for TOP – and any other coin launched through Huobi Prime – will take place over the course of three rounds. Each round will last a total of 30mins ─ 20 minutes to trade (or for however long it takes for that allotment of the coin to sell out) with a 10-minute interval in between.

If you are unable to join Huobi Prime, please refresh the page and try again.

The price will be capped in each of the rounds – though the cap will rise as time goes on. 

Do note that Huobi will not charge trading fees to Prime participants.

To make your purchase, enter the amount you desire, click the “Buy” and follow the instructions. Orders will be matched on a first-come, first-served basis.

If your order executes successfully, you will see the amount of tokens you purchased by clicking on the button that says “Balance”. 

After the three Huobi Prime trading rounds have ended, the new token will officially be listed on Huobi Global and can be traded freely.

That’s it. That’s all it takes to buy tokens on Huobi Prime.

Important: Before You Begin, Make Sure You Have Enough HT

Prior to the launch of any given coin, you’ll want to make sure you have a sufficient holding of Huobi Token (HT). There are two reasons for this. First, all purchases on Huobi Global are made through HT, so you’ll want to make sure you have enough HT on hand. We recommend USD $1,000 worth of HT (which is the limit). Secondly, in order to qualify for most Huobi Prime launches, we require that you have a daily average holding of at least 500 HT over the 30 days leading up to that launch.

NOTE: If you are participating in Huobi Prime’s inaugural launch of TOP Network’s TOP, the 500 HT minimum requirement has been waived.  

Special Bonus Info On Our Inaugural Launch: TOP Token

Token To Be Launched: TOP Network’s TOP (TOP)

Launch Date: 21:00 on Tuesday, March 26 Singapore Time (GMT+8)

Minimum Holding Of HT: None (normal requirements lifted for Prime’s inaugural launch).

Supply Offered: 1.5 billion TOP (7.5% of total circulation)

Trading stage: There will be 3 rounds of limited price trading with the ceiling price  rising in each round.

Opening Trading Pair: TOP/HT.

Maximum limit: Maximum turnover per account is $1,000 USD’s worth of tokens.

HT/TOP Max Trading Prices During “Price Limit” Rounds:

Prices cannot rise above the following:

First Round:1 TOP=0.000708 HT
Second Round:1 TOP=0.000852 HT
Third Round:1 TOP=0.001020 HT

Volume & USDT Price For Each Round:

Time (GMT+8) Trading Volume Limit Price / USDT Sale Price / HT
21:00-21:20 300,000,000 $0.00177 0.000708
21:30-21:50 450,000,000 $0.00213 0.000852
22:00-22:20 750,000,000 $0.00255 0.001020
After 22:40 N/A N/A Free trading

NOTE: The actual price of HT will be converted in real time according to HT/USDT price on the relevant day.

Disclaimer: Huobi Prime will not, under any circumstances, make price forecasts or representations as to the asset’s investment characteristics. Huobi Prime will not provide any trading or financial advice and Huobi Prime users should conduct independent analysis including, where appropriate, taking third party legal, tax and financial advice.  Huobi Prime is limited to users from jurisdictions where digital asset trading is a permissible activity and no regulatory restrictions apply.