Vol.46: Addresses For Both Bitcoin and Ethereum Increased This Week.


This week, the overall market capitalization for the top 100 cryptocurrencies decreased, with 60 projects decreased in value to varying degrees. According to coinmarketcap, as of January 20th, 2019, the total market cap of the top 100 cryptocurrencies was 119.50 billion U.S. dollars, decreased by 2.28% from last week. Four cryptocurrency project entered the top 100 this week. As of January 20th, 2019, Bitcoin was traded at 3588.81 USD, 0.30% lower than its price last week. Ethereum was traded at 119.11 USD, 0.86% lower than its price last week.

Average number of transactions per block and average block size both increased on Bitcoin; Average number of transactions per block and average block size both increased on Ethereum. Average number of unconfirmed transactions in Bitcoin increased by 12.41%, and that of Ethereum also increased from last week. Total transaction fee of Bitcoin decreased, while that of Ethereum increased. The 7-day average of unconfirmed transactions for Bitcoin and Ethereum were 4684 and 36181 respectively.

Bitcoin’s Hashrate decreased by 6.57% and Ethereum’s Hashrate decreased by 1.84%. The average transaction fees on the Bitcoin network this week was $0.178, decreased 3.26% from last week. While the average transaction fees on the Ethereum network this week was $0.069, increased 1.47% from last week. Total number of addresses on the Bitcoin and Ethereum network reached 32.52 million and 54.66 million, respectively.

INS was the most active project on GitHub this week, with 324 commits submitted in the past week. Swachhcoin was the most popular group on Telegram. In terms of community activity, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple remained as the most popular communities on Facebook and Twitter. Swachhcoin attracted the most fans on Telegram in the last 24 hours, and Origin Trail’s fans grew the most.
Two investment activities took place in the blockchain industry this week. Blockchain media Tuoluo Caijing received 21 million yuan of Pre-A round of investment, the largest financing of the week.

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