Huobi Expands Reach To APAC Institutional Investors

SINGAPORE– December 18, 2018  Huobi Global has expanded its outreach to sophisticated institutional, API, and quantitative cryptocurrency traders with educational and networking events in both Hong Kong and Singapore.  

 Constance Wang, APAC Business Development Manager, leads
the Huobi Prestige Investor event in Singapore.

“Our inaugural Huobi Prestige Investor events in Singapore were a huge success, so it made sense to expand our series beyond Singapore as well,” said Edward Chen, Huobi’s APAC Managing Director. “We’ve been gratified to see a real hunger among sophisticated traders both within the cryptocurrency space and beyond it for advanced tools, strategies, and data. In addition, there is a real lack of options in APAC for sophisticated traders and analysts to network, build relationships, and share strategies. Our Prestige Investor events series are our solution to that need.” 

At the first-ever Prestige Investor Fireside Dialogue in Hong Kong last Wednesday, 105 elite investors and traders gathered to hear crypto market forecasts for 2019 from Lucy Gazmaranian, Senior Manager of PWC Hong Kong & China; Bing Lin, Founder and CEO of C Block Capital; Chao Deng, CEO of Hashkey; and Li Huo,Managing Director of Huobi Capital.  

“I am feeling positive about the state of cryptocurrency in 2019,” said Huo at the event. “The silver lining of the rise and fall in prices this year is that there is a lot more public awareness of crypto and blockchain now. It is important for industry players to show the public that blockchain is sustainable over the long term. That said, though, the general growth of knowledge, along with the rise of prudent blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation, as well as blockchain’s increasing acceptance by a range of different industries mean that it will become even more mainstream over the next twelve months. I think we can even expect to see a breakthrough killer app emerge in the next few years.”

In Singapore yesterday, Huobi Global hosted 45 investors and traders for a deep dive into liquidity issues led by Paul Walsh, Head Of Trading for Tilde, and Ting Gao, Founder Of Tau Strategy. Among other topics, Walsh and Gao explored OTC versus exchange liquidity for top cryptocurrency pairs, liquidity imbalances in perp swaps, futures versus the spot market, the use of smart contracts in facilitating decentralized derivatives, and the need for institutional-grade derivatives to aid price discovery.

“APAC’s traders can expect to see more great events in 2019 on a range of topics,” said Chen.