Huobi Looks To The Future At Swiss Blockchain Leadership Summit

BASEL, Switzerland – November 24, 2018 Growing Huobi Group’s global presence and the cryptocurrency market’s long-term potential: those were two of the biggest items on Huobi Senior Business Director David Chen’s agenda at the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Switzerland over the weekend.

“There is no question that 2018 has been a bear market. Everyone knows it. Just like bull markets, though, bear markets will come and go,” said Chen, shortly after participating in a panel discussion with other industry experts.

Chen also said he expects 2019 to be a big year for Huobi – and a better year for the market than 2018 was. “We believe the market will ultimately be a lot warmer than where it is right now and we do not intend to sit still. We’ll be continuing our expansion into global markets. We plan to expand into 30 branch offices across the world. We already have nearly 20.”

Chen also looked past 2019 to Huobi’s long term goal of becoming the world’s largest digital asset exchange. “We focus on the big picture at Huobi so we’re not just looking towards 2019 but also the next five to ten years and beyond,” he said.