Market Sentiment Report October 2018: Sentiment Drops But Remains Bullish Overall


The monthly market sentiment index in this month came to 64.7 points, decreased 8.9% from the previous month; the short-term sentiment index was 58.2 points, decreased 13.0% from the previous month; the medium-term sentiment index was 61.7 points, decreased 20.7% from the previous month; the long-term sentiment index was 84.7 points, decreased 5.0% from the previous month.

Huobi’s Market Sentiment Index score ranges from 0-100, with 50 points representing neutral sentiment.

A total of 423 valid questionnaires were collected this month, The respondent includes institutional investors and individual investors. The questionnaires were distributed from October 25th to October 30th through domestic and overseas channels such as WeChat public account, twitter, and telegram communities. Cryptocurrency investors from 23 Countries participated in this survey, including China, United States, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore.

Download the full report here: Huobi Market Sentiment Index Report October 2018


This result of this survey does not constitute any investment advice from Huobi Research. Nor does this article contain any tips, hints or guarantees to investing. Investors should make their own independent research before reaching the final investment decision, and Huobi Research shall not be liable in any manners for any consequences of any reliance thereon or usage thereof.

Currently, all surveys are distributed through the Internet with participants remain unidentified. As a result, although we try to expand the scope and diversity of the survey respondents as much as we can, we cannot rule out selection bias during the survey process. Thus, the result of this survey does not represent the view of all cryptocurrency investors.