Vol.16: Huobi Blockchain Big Data Weekly Insights

All data in this report was captured and analyzed by Huobi Research; please cite the source “Huobi Blockchain Big Data” for reference.


This Week:

  • The number of active Bitcoin addresses increased 6.9% to 3.47 million, in the two-month high, mainly because the number of reactivated addresses increased 12%; The overall transaction volume on the Bitcoin network and the number of transactions increased 2.9% and 8.2% respectively.
  • The number of active addresses in Ethereum decreased 5.9% to 0.99 million, in the three-month low; The concentration of wealth on Ethereum network has continuously increased since June: the 1,000 addresses held 62.4%of all ETH, compared with 58.9% from June.

  • Social Media Data

BTC, ETH, EOS to be the top trending in China, while BTC, Ripple, ETH were the top Cryptocurrencies overseas; In the Events category, “Smart Contract”, “Contract” and “Rebound” were the hottest words in China, while “Wallet”, “Community” and “Bot” were the hottest words overseas; in the Exchange and KOL category, “Huobi”, “Binance” and “OKE” were the hottest in China, while “Coinbase”, “Binance” and “Huobi” were the hottest overseas.

Among Github repositories, ETH, BTC and EOS were the top Cryptocurrencies projects that received the most stars and watchers in a week; BTC, ETH and EOS were the projects that received the most forks in a week; EOS, ADA and BTC were the projects with the most commits this week.

  • Market Trading Data

In the cryptocurrency market this week, the price of Cryptocurrencies raised up more but down less. Ripple receiving the largest increase of 39.4% and DASH receiving the largest decrease of 3.1% in their respective prices. BTC had the lowest volatility rate of 0.001421s.d. Ripple had the largest volatility rate of 0.0134 s.d. The Trading volume has received an increase; Top 10 Cryptocurrencies had high correlations in their price movements this week.

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