Blockchain 101 Episode 90 – Current Blockchain Union

In early stage of blockchain’s development, many enterprises and organizations formed blockchain alliances and consortiums to share knowledge of their research, and to explore the potential of blockchain.

As of July 2017, There is R3, formed by over 40 financial institutions, Hyperledger, led by Linux Foundation, Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance, located in China’s “Silicon Valley”, ChinaLedger Alliance, formed by 11 exchanges, Financial Blockchain Shenzhen Consortium, formed by 25 financial institutions, Russia Blockchain Alliance, also known as Russian R3, Blockchain Micro-Finance Industry Alliance, which seeks to integrate blockchain into microfinance, International Blockchain Ecosphere Consortium, which is led by the Shenzhen Qianhai authorities, Lujiazui Blockchain Finance Development Alliance, situated in Shanghai’s financial hub.

Blockchain’s potential is endless when talents and organizations come together to push for its usage and development.