Vol.28: INS was the most active project on GitHub this week

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Market cap and transaction volume of cryptocurrencies generally increased this week, with the price of 59 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies decreased to varying degrees. On September 16th, the total market cap of the TOP100 cryptocurrencies reached 194.30 billion dollars, a 4.08% increase from last week. 2 Cryptocurrency projects entered the top 100 this week. On September 16th, Bitcoin’s price was at $6499.92, up 3.87 % from last week, and Ethereum price was at $217.50, up 11.69%.

Both average number of transactions per block and average block size slightly decreased on Bitcoin; average number of transactions decreased while average block size increased on Ethereum. Average number of unconfirmed transaction in Ethereum and Bitcoin decreased by 12.65% and 17.2%, respectively. Bitcoin’s transaction fees decreased while Ethereum’s transaction fees increased. The 7-day average of unconfirmed transactions for Bitcoin and Ethereum are 4091 and 61856, respectively. Bitcoin’s Hashrate increased by 7.02% and Ethereum’s decreased by 3.52%. The average transaction fees on the Bitcoin and Ethereum network this week were $0.473 and $0.176, decreasing 23% and increasing 16.56% respectively. Total number of addresses on the Bitcoin and Ethereum network reached 28.50 million and 45.24 million, respectively.

INS was the most active project on GitHub this week, with 275 commits submitted in the past week. Swachhcoin was the most popular group on Telegram. In terms of community activity, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple remained as the most popular communities on Facebook and Twitter. Swachhcoin attracted the most fans on Telegram in the last 24 hours.

According to <Huobi Blockchain Big Data Weekly Insights>, there were overall 382 large transactions worth between 1,000-10,000 BTC last week, drastically decreased from last week; large transactions on Ethereum network worth more than 10,000 BTC drastically increased to 109 this week.

6 investment activities took place in the Blockchain industry this week, with Blockchain application ventures attracted the most investment. Among them, Seed CX received $15 million investment in B-round, accounted for the largest amount raised this week.

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