Vol.21: Winklevoss rejection puts halt on digital asset climb

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Market cap and transaction volume of cryptocurrencies slightly increased this week, with the price of 51 cryptocurrencies increased and 49 declined to varying degrees . On July 30th, the total market cap of the TOP100 cryptocurrencies increased 5.68% to 285.287 billion dollars. 5 new Cryptocurrency projects entered the top 100 this week. On July 30, Bitcoin’s price was at $8206.83, up 10.51% from last week, and Ethereum price was at $466.24, up 0.53%. HB10’s price increased by 2.75% this week.

Average number of unconfirmed transactions per block and average block size of Bitcoin and Ethereum both increased. Average number of unconfirmed transaction in Ethereum and Bitcoin decreased by 61.5% and 19.4%, respectively. Bitcoin’s transaction fee increased, and Ethereum’s transaction fee decreased. The 7-day average of unconfirmed transactions for Bitcoin and Ethereum were 2302 and 20376, respectively. Bitcoin’s Hashrate increased by 3.26% and Ethereum’s increased by 3.16%. The average transaction fee on the Bitcoin and Ethereum network this week were $0.764 and $0.198, decreased 15.76% and 21.43% respectively. The total number of addresses on the Bitcoin and Ethereum network reached 26.85 million and 42.23 million, respectively.

ZRX was the most active project on GitHub this week, with 189 commits submitted in the past week. Mainframe was the most popular group on Telegram. In terms of community activity, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple remained as the most popular communities on Facebook and Twitter. Coinloan attracted the most fans on Telegram in the last 24 hours.

According to <Huobi Blockchain Big Data Weekly Insights>, “Bitcoin”, “ETF” and “Coinbase” were the hottest words on r/CryptoCurrency this week. Among the top three search engines (Google, Baidu, WeChat), popular topics regarding Bitcoin/Ethereum/EOS/Cryptocurrencies increased in popularity.

Singapore had the most ICOs this week, with application projects being the most popular ICO project category. Among all 36 ICO projects, application projects were the majority, following by blockchain financing projects. 11 investment activities took place in the Blockchain industry this week, with Lexel acquired 100 million RMB strategic investment from multiple institutional investors, the largest amount raised in this week.

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