Huobi Global Listed Cryptocurrency Project Progress Report (June 2018)


  • Overall Market Performance: In June, the average price of Cryptocurrencies listed on Huobi Global decreased by 38.59%, overall market capitalization decreased by 23.09%, monthly trading volume fell by 42.47%. Three Cryptocurrencies listed on Huobi Global in June.
  • Cryptocurrency Project Progress: In June, Huobi Global has received progress updates from 69 Cryptocurrency projects, of which LINK, TNT, RDN, DAT, BLZ, ITC, NAS, ICON, CMT, Hcash, ELF, and BFT did not disclose their project update in June.
  • Platform Projects Recent Updates: On June 14th, EOS launched its MainNet; 2. IOST’s entire lifecycle has been completely tested and is available for use; 3. ONT officially released Ontology V1.0; 4. Ziliqa has launched its V2.0 Testnet.
  • Application Projects Recent Updates: WICC released its MainNet API interface; 2. Linkeye’s MainNet has been tested and is scheduled to launch in July; 3. SWFT released V3.0 beta; 4. DATA’s developing team disclosed a part of their source code.
  • Current Users: Among the Cryptocurrency projects with available user statistics, the average number of token holding address on a Huobi Global listed Cryptocurrency network is 67,400 and the median is 20,900; the average number of community members is 73,600 and the median is 42,000.
  • Market Cap Management: 19 Cryptocurrency projects disclosed their locked in positions, with an average lock-in percentage of 31%.

Other Important News: a new CMO has joined AIDOC; Hongquan Jiang joined the advisory board of DeepBrain.

For the Full Report, download it here:Huobi Global Listed Cryptocurrency Project Progress Report ( June 2018)