Vol.4: Huobi Blockchain Big Data Weekly Insights


All data in this report was captured and analyzed by Huobi Research; please cite the source “Huobi Data Analytics Weekly” for reference.

New data included: Details of Largest BTC Transactions, ETH Large Transactions Monitor, Transaction Volume Distribution of Ethereum.


  • On-Blockchain Data:

The total BTC trading volume this week was 6.64 million BTC, decreased by 21%. The average transaction volume was 5 BTC, dropped by 22%. Bitcoin transaction fee dropped significantly by 62%, with the total transaction fee reaching 175 BTC. The average transaction fee was 0.00013 BTC, decreased by 64%. There were four large transactions of BTC this week, with the largest one worth 86,000 BTC. The number of extra-large transactions dropped from 1,537 last week to 780. The total transaction volume between 1K and 10K BTC dropped from 3.68 to 1.78 million BTC, decreased the most by 52.4%.

The number of active addresses in ETH dropped from 1.8 to 1.3 million, down by 25.4% in a week. The overall ETH trading volume dropped by 18.5% to 11.4 million ETH. The overall transaction fee rose sharply from 14,000 ETH to 32,000 ETH, and average transaction fee was 0.007 ETH, increased 159%. There was no large transactions of ETH this week, and the number of extra-large transactions also dropped significantly to 58, down by 28.4%.

  • Social Media Data:

BTC, EOS, and ETH were the top trending cryptocurrencies both in China and overseas; in the Events category, “Risk”, “Launch/listed” and “RAM” were the hottest words in China, while “Bot”, “Community” and “RAM” were the hottest overseas; in the Exchange and KOL category, “Huobi”, “OKEX” and “Li Xiaolai” were the hottest in China, while “Binance”, “Coinbase” and “Kraken” were the hottest overseas.

BTC, ETH and EOS were the most active projects on GitHub with the most added and accumulated Stars and Forks. Number of Stars on ETH exceeded that of BTC for the first time in two months. Search trends of major cryptocurrencies varied this week, while search trends of “Smart Contract” and “Blockchain” experienced increased a lot compared to last week across all three platforms: Google, Baidu, and WeChat.

  • Market Trading Data:

The market experienced a bounce this week, with all top 10 cryptocurrencies, except for TRON (down 2.2% from last week), experiencing drastic gains in price. Cardano experienced the largest price increase of 19.8%. BTC had the smallest volatility rate of 0.0033, while Cardano had the largest volatility rate of 0.008. In general, turnovers of top 10 cryptocurrencies experienced a general decrease, led by TRON (turnover down 33% from the previous week). Similar to last week, there were high correlations among the prices of top 10 cryptocurrencies, which generally exceeded 0.8, with TRON being the only exception.

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