Huobi Team in their element at NEMO Science Museum for the First Benelux Meetup

Hello Friends!

With the official HuobuQuantAmsterdam Telegram channel having over 50 members three days before the event and all chatting away, we knew it was going to be a great meetup! The comments highlighted how interested the crypto ecosphere is in Amsterdam and how much everyone was looking forward to meeting like-minded people. At this, our second event of the Huobi Quant Trading Summit had another full house of 220+ supporters.

Held in the iconic NEMO Science Museum, the Huobi Global team spoke to a very attentive crowd of crypto traders looking to learn more about Huobi and the financial services it offers.

Charlie Tsai opened the afternoon with a short introduction of Huobi Group and the recent top news releases in Europe. An introduction to Europe User Safety and Compliance by Joshua Goodbody followed. Siyu Pan reviewed how the Huobi Global Elite Program works and explained how to sign up.

A welcome speech was given by Houbi Global Elite, Henry Hong after which Gray Meng explained quant trading

Experts from around Benelux were on a panel to discuss the ins an outs of quant trading It was chaired by Chris Daws, the CEO,, and panel members included: Juan David, CEO,; Sander Adam, Heading of Trading, Blocktraders and Anthony Lesoismier, Co-Founder, SwissBorg.

Gordon Chen spoke via video about the Huobi Chain project and recruitment of community leaders before Eica Jiang outlined the Huobi OTC program. The presentations came to a close with Chern Chung explaining about HADAX and the Supernode Club.

Networking is always a key part of meetups and after this event the networking took place on the outside terrace of NEMO. Excellent views coupled with stimulating guests made this a truly memorable event for the members of the Benelux crypto ecosphere.

A huge “Thank you!” goes out to Chern Cheng for his great emcee skills at this second event of the Huobi Quant Summit.

Once again London, thank you Amsterdam for your crypto enthusiasm! We hope to see you again soon!

The Huobi Global Team