Huobi China Announces Cooperation Agreement With JD Cloud

Huobi China announced a cooperation agreement with JD Cloud, to jointly develop Blockchain technologies as well as its application. JD Cloud is the cloud computing unit of China’s second-largest e-commerce site, Vice President and head of JD Cloud’s Product R&D, He Gang together with Huobi’s Chief Technology Officer, Cheng Xianfeng and Huobi China’s CEO Gu Xiaoyan participated and witnessed the signing ceremony.

The two parties will focus on cooperation in three areas:

  1. To jointly explore and study Blockchain technologies such as zero-knowledge proofs, ring signatures, homomorphic encryption, PoS, DPoS, DAG, Hashgraph amongst others.
  2.  To jointly explore the applications modes and methods of Blockchain technologies in the fields of finance, IoT, gaming, logistics amongst others. These will also include an innovative financial service technology model related to the application of industrial Blockchains.
  3. To jointly explore and analyse the current public chain and consortium chain projects.

In line with these, both parties intend to publish data, conduct in-depth data mining of open-source data to form industry insights and author analysis reports.