Vol.14: Ethereum’s miner’s fee fell sharply

HB10 index decreased by 9.31 % & Ethereum’s miner’s fee fell sharply


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This week, the market cap and 24h trading volume of cryptocurrency have both decreased. On June 10th, the total market cap of the TOP100 cryptocurrencies is to $308.48 billion, a 6.28% decrease from the previous week. 90 of the Top100 cryptocurrencies have fell to varying degrees. 24h total market trading volume decreased by 26.28% compared to that of the previous week. BIX is the top performer of the week, whose market cap increase by 20.42%, and its ranking stepped forward by 24, entering the TOP100. Bitcoin was at $7312.89, down 4.81% from the previous week, and Ethereum was at $574.95, down 4.63% from last week. HB10 index decreased by 9.31 %

Unconfirmed transactions number in Bitcoin hugely increased by 37.1%. Ethereum’s average unconfirmed transaction decreased by 26.6%. Bitcoin miner’s fees rose, and Ethereum’s miner’s fee fell sharply.

The 7 days averaged number of unconfirmed transactions in Bitcoin and Ethereum was 3978 and 26,607 respectively. Bitcoin Hashrate increased by 4.87%, and Ethereum’s Hashrate decreased by 0.15%. The average daily transaction fee for Bitcoin and Ethereum was $0.836 and $0.357, with an increase of 15.78% and decrease of 20% respectively from last week. The total number of blockchain and Ethereum addresses reached 25.22 million and 38.71 million, respectively.

The ELF code has the highest level of activity. NaviAddress has become the focus of attention on telegram. GitHub code ELF reached 163 commits this week. In terms of community activity, homepages of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple (XRP) ranked top three on Facebook; The top three projects on Twitter are Ripple, Bitcoin, and Ethereum; and NaviAddress attracted the most attention on Telegram, also being the fastest-growing project in the past 24 hours.

New digital assets fundraising this week mostly come from Singapore, with blockchain platform projects capturing most of the market attention. 45 new digital asset projects finalized the public funding process, most of them were from Singapore, which focus on blockchain platform area, followed by gaming, infrastructure, education, AI and energy, etc. Among 13 fundraising projects that we followed, ONO was the biggest one, who raised over tens of millions RMB in round A.

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