Huobi Global Research Monthly(May 2018)


National regulatory agencies are actively exploring new ways of regulating cryptocurrency. Regulatory agencies in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Australia have all made statements, emphasizing the importance of cryptocurrency and crowdfunding supervision, but the details of the policies are still in the discussion stage; JP. Morgan strengthens the application of blockchain technology in its commercial fields; Cryptocurrency such as Monroe became a hotbed of crime; India intends to impose tax on cryptocurrency transactions. The Huobi Cryptocurrency investor sentiment index this month was 79.3 points.

The number of primary market projects has decreased and the number of exchanges has increased. The number of crowdfunding projects for the month was 235, a decrease of 14.9% from the previous quarter; the average amount of crowdfunding has increased to 8.28 million US dollars; after financing, project’s on-line rate has increased by 37.4%, but the chance of fell on debut is as high as 70.3%;

The total market value of the global blockchain assets dropped sharply, and the market share of Top100 assets increased. Global blockchain assets increased to 1639 this month, and the total market value fell to 335.218 billion US dollars, a decrease of 30.26% from the previous quarter. The market capitalization of Top100 blockchain assets was 309.058 billion US dollars, a decrease of 24.61% from the previous quarter;

Platform projects have become more competitive, with obvious head effects. In May, the number of platform projects in Top 100 reached a total of 27, which was the same as last month, among which projects yet to go online on Mainnet accounted for 37%. EOS, IOST and aelf ranked the top three in the code update number. In terms of market capitalization, the market capitalization of Ethereum and EOS alone exceeded US$10 billion, which accounted for 71% of all platform projects, and the market value of 19 projects was less than US$1 billion, accounting for only 9% .

The number of Blockchain infrastructure projects and the market value increase the most in application projects. Two new Blockchain infrastructure projects emerged this month, with a total market value increase of 15.99% and remains the highest growth rate for two consecutive months. The market value of payment items was US$ 25.805 billion, accounting for 53.41% of the market value of Top100 application projects, Social, Internet of Things projects rank the top three for three consecutive months; the average increase in the market value of Internet of Things projects is the largest, an increase of 31.46%.

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