Huobi.Pro Listed Tokens Monthly Progress Report (April 2018)


1) In April, the average price increase of all projects of PRO reached 123.24%. The WICC token recorded the largest increase of 4.11 times, and MDS registering the weakest price growth at 11%; The largest increase in the market value of all cryptocurrencies listed on the Huobi.Pro was SOC, reaching 657%; Huobi.Pro’s transaction volume in April reached US$86.2 billion, an increase of 22.56% compared to the previous quarter. About 36.8% of projects listed on has recorded a higher increase in transaction volume than the global market.

2) In April, Huobi.Pro launched 3 new digital assets, including Cardano, BitShares, and Steem. Among them, the ADA had the highest daily average transaction volume of around US$40 million, and the lowest was BTS, whose transaction volume averaged US$16 million.

3) A total of 20 platform projects are listed by Huobi.Pro, and 13 of them announced development progress. Among them:

  • Bytom and Nebulas have successively launched on the main network.
  • In the following two months, Aelf, EOS, and ONT will also launched their main network.
  • ONT has released its new consensus algorithm – VBFT and the test network, Polaris, with updated modules.

4) In April, among the 60 application projects listed on the, 49 announced their progress.

  • At the 0x protocol, Generalized Asset Transfer Proxy has been merged in to the Exchange contract. Kyber Network has launched its testnet and beta mainnet.
  • Metal Pay is finished and production ready.
  • TRON established an eco fund and announced super representative election. In May, its mainnet will be released.
  • In April, the main chain development of Theta was completed, and the overall architecture of the block browser was completed.
  • The deep brain chain will launch the world’s first AI mining machine with the world’s top AI partners and launch a reservation on the official website in mid-May.
  • The prototype of DATA product will be public soon, and the source code will also be released in May or June 2018; The product of LinkEye for personal user will be released in May.

5) The token asset with the largest number of holders is OMG, which exceeds 600,000 in April. The average of the top five is 410,000. EKO had the smallest number of holders, standing at only 1,376, and the average of the last five was only 2090. According to the data, the average number of 70 projects was 52,900 and the median was 19,000.

6) In the ranking for community size, Ripple is significantly ahead of other currencies, with 86.4 million people. The average of the top five is 437,800 and the number of currency groups in the bottom five rankings is below 10,000. The average number of people of communities for all 90 projects was 86,600, with a median of 42,000.

7) According to our available information, a total of 10 projects have disclosed token lock-up plans. The highest percentage is DTA. The ratio of lock-up is 60%, and the lowest percentage is MANA, which is 15%. The average number of locks is 37.8%. WAX expects to unfreeze the consulting team’s tokens in June, accounting for 11% of the total number of tokens. AIDOC thawed 20% of the total amount of Team tokens allocated from the date of public recognition. The remaining portion was thawed 10% each quarter after a year, ie, it was locked for three years.


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