Vol.9: LTC market cap rank replaced ADA, the number of Ethereum nodes in China increased by 22.5%

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Huobi Academy of Blockchain Application generates a weekly cryptocurrency market review report called Huobi Research Weekly, and following is the abstract.

The market cap kept rising this week, while transaction volume of cryptocurrencies declined lightly this week, and LTC market cap rank replaced ADA. On May 6, the total market cap of the TOP100 cryptocurrencies hit 436.55 billion dollars, a 5.83% increase from previous week. Also, over half of the market cap of TOP100 cryptocurrencies increased to varying degrees, among which 11 currencies experienced a spike of over 20%. 24h total market trading volume decreased by 12.42% compared to that of the previous week. Litecoin (LTC) market cap hit 9.89 billion dollars, which surpassed ADA. Bitcoin was traded at 9751.33 US dollars, higher than last week by 3.69%, price of Ethereum was 805.52 US dollars, up by 17.05% from last week.

Hash rate of the network increased slightly within this week, and the number of Ethereum nodes in China increased by 22.5%. Hash rate for bitcoin increased by 4.03% and hash rate for ethereum increased by 5.96%. The average transaction fee in Bitcoin network this week was 1.76USD, a decrease of 7.68% from that of previous week. The average transaction fee in Ethereum network was 0.44 USD, a decrease of 10.93% from last week.

In terms of technical activity, the number of unconfirmed transactions in Bitcoin network decreased by 21.1. Total number of the Bitcoin addresses reached 24.50 million, and total number of Ethereum addresses reached 32.91 million. The most active group at Github was Rchain, the team had 176 commits in the past week.

In terms of community activity, the top3 famous communities in social media remain unchanged. Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum were top3 on Facebook and Twitter. Referum has the largest community on telegram, and the most popular telegram group in the past 24hours was GIF by SOCIF.

New digital assets fundraising this week mostly come from the United Kingdom, with blockchain infrastructure projects capturing most of the market attention. This week, 114 new digital asset projects finalized the public funding process, most of them were from the UK, the US and Russia; and most of them focus on blockchain infrastructure area, followed by areas of blockchain finance and platform etc. Among 2 fundraising projects in the blockchain area that we followed, both of them were strategic investment.

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