SUPERNODE PARTY! 7 Campaign Speeches for EOS Block Producer

Singapore (April 25, 2018) – The Supernode Party, organized by Huobi.Pro and 3AM, hosted 7 candidates campaigning to be one of twenty-one block producer a.k.a. Supernodes, that will support this new mainnet, namely: EOSAntPool, EOSBIXIN, EOSbeijing, EOSeoul, OracleChain, EOSUnion and EOS Fish. The party was held at the Venetian Hotel, in Macau.

To watch the recorded Live streaming of the event visit:

The party started off with an opening speech by Senior Director of Huobi Pro, Wu Xing.

Tyler Wu,  Managing Director of Huobi Pro,  then went gave an official announcement that Huobi Mining Pool officially participated in the election for the EOS Block Producer. For this election, the Huobi Group’s global ecological fund will establish an open EOS ecology special fund for the incubation of projects based on the EOS opening. This fund will providing support for technology developments and operations improvements to further the goal of EOS.

Tyler Wu,  Managing Director of Huobi Pro

The founder of DAC, Sky Zhu, whose speech was entitled“3AM: Sleepless Blockchain. The Power of Supernodes” spoke next.

EOS is scheduled to migrate from the Ethereum network to its own on June 2, 2018, and a slew of candidates are vying for one of twenty-one Supernodes that will support this new mainnet. At the party, 7 major contenders campaigned:

Founder of EOSAntPool, Hugh Tian stated, “We want to build a converged community. Whether it is POW, POS, or DPOS, all community developers, miners, or ordinary enthusiasts can find “attribution” in the ant mining pool. We need to develop many smart contracts and Dapps based on the Pow mechanism on the EOS ecosystem.”

Founder of EOSAntPool, Hugh Tian

Guest speaker of EOSBIXIN, Katherine Fang shared, “Bixin is a multiple-cryptocurrency wallet which has six years of experience in providing high-quality and secure services to almost one million users. Now in EOS ecosystem, EOSBIXIN has developed many interesting and useful wallet functions and will open DAPP market, a platform for developers, and enable EOS lending feature, etc. It will keep working on the EOS development meanwhile keeping accordance with the community consensus. ”

Guest speaker of EOSbeijing, Fan Li announced, “EOSBeijing has extensive resources and networks in Asian crypto currencies industry. We are now working with the institution of distributed system of Shanghai Jiiatong University, institutions of Qinghua University as well as Peking University. We have two technical team working on smart contract developing as well as DAPPs transferring to EOS public chain. As a bridge between the community and industry, EOS Beijing will contribute the most to construct the global EOS ecosystem with all the community members.”

Advisor of EOSeoul, Eliot Shin

Advisor of EOSeoul, Eliot Shin assured, “EOSEOUL has more than 20 years Internet business history. As listed company in Korea, it has provided internet game services with EA and Tencent and experienced massive traffic treatment. It has incubated many startup companies also. Now in EOS ecosystem EOSEOUL will provide technology based service infrastructure. It will also keep going on investment on dApp companies.”

Co-Founder & CEO of OracleChain, Harvey Zhao announced, “In the past year, OracleChain has been working really hard on building the EOS Ecology . Other than the Oracle Machine services we have been providing to the external partner, OracleChain also independently researches and develops the PocketEOS wallet based on the EOS platform for client-end users and applications “Ask your question with your token” based on EOS smart contracts that run completely on the EOS network. Recently we also opened up the EOSDevHelper — an EOS desktop cross-platform wallet development tool based on QT to provide a more convenient and visualized EOS debugging tool for developers.As a EOS BP candidate We also advocate everyone to use the EOS-BP-DAO framework to better manage node rewards.”

Founder of EOSUnion, Wu Lang said in his campaign speech, “EOSUnion is an ecological association created by a group of blockchain fans and EOS’s early believers, which has multiple offices located in Hong Kong, and Australia , Dubai. EOSUnion is the first Chinese community announcing to participate the competition of EOS super Block producer, as well as being the first community to fully support the regional EOS groups. Currently it has more than 50 regional EOSUnion branches established by more than 50 EOS fans in different places of China. Not to mention, EOSUnion association is also the first one who has successfully participated and organized two nodes of the DPOS-based consensus mechanism Blockchian projects, namely, Lisk and Ark.”

Founder of EOSUnion, Wu Lang

Guest Speaker of EOS Fish, Chris Liu shared, “Based on the power of F2POOL & BITCOINWORLD entrepreneurship and the corporate influence that we have, EOS.FISH will pursue a bright EOS ecosystem future with Blockchain-based upgrading, including, in-roads into finance industry, facilitating cross-border communities and advancing technologies, logistics & premium hardware.

EOS.FISH is offering reliable and scalable high configuration servers for the EOS.IO, which equips infrastructure with hot backup and 24/7  duty functions. He continues to share that they have several experts and engineers who have been experienced in Blockchain network security, system safety ,network architecture and system maintenance. EOS.FISH will also participate in EOS Dapp’s incubation, launching a series of specific scenarios to EOS holders, as well as establishing more meetups and conferences to promote the EOS ecology and community development.”