March 2018 – Long Term Investors’ Sentiment in Blockchain Assets Bullish; Short Term Optimistic

A sentiment index was compiled with results from 1,797 respondents from 23 countries through multiple channels. The index aims to quantitatively reflect the confidence and sentiment of global Blockchain assets investors in the market for different time periods.

It was found that investors in Blockchain assets have strong confidence in the market in the long term. 77.9% polled believes that the market value of cryptocurrencies will rise by more than 30% in the next three years. 88% of respondents believe that the next three years will be a bull market.

In the short term, 55.6% of those polled believe that the total market value of Blockchain assets will increase in the next month. This optimism spreads to the mid-term view too, with more than half of respondents believing that the market will substantially increase in value in the next 6 months.

For more in-depth analyses and details of the study methodology, please refer to the Huobi Cryptocurrency Investor Sentiment Index Report – March,available for download below now for free.

The Huobi Cryptocurrency Investor Sentiment Index Report is produced by the Huobi Academy of Blockchain Application. This is a monthly report, aimed to inform investors with a complete view of the market.


The questionnaire is only for collecting investors’ sentiments about the market, and does not represent any opinions or suggestion of Huobi Academy of Blockchain Application (hereinafter “Huobi Academy”). Huobi Academy does not contain any tips or hints about the statistical results, and does not provide any guarantees. Investors should make their own independent and prudent evaluations of the questionnaire result, and should not use it as the basis for investment. Huobi Academy shall not be liable in any manners for any consequences of any reliance thereon or usage thereof.

All questionnaires are currently distributed via the Internet, and the identity of the respondents cannot be confirmed. Although we have expanded the scope and diversity of distribution as much as possible, we cannot rule out the existence of biases in the sample population and cannot represent the views of all cryptocurrency investors.