Vol.3: Market Value and Trading Volume Recovers

Huobi Academy Blockchain Application generates a weekly cryptocurrency market review report called Huobi Research Weekly which deals with technical market indicators such as market value of Top 100 cryptocurrencies – up 10.7%, recent price movements (BTC up 11%, Eth up 0.19%), trading volumes (rose 4.94%), hash rates (slight decrease of 1.2%), mining difficulty, rewards and pool distribution. The report also covers event-driven news like Blockchain technology developments, ICO activity – 77 new digital asset projects and global policy developments. Find out more today. Huobi Research Weekly (Vol. 3) is available for download as per attachment.

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Storming into the crypto market – Storm

Total market capitalization of the Top 100 Blockchain assets increased 10.72% in the past week, with 41 projects rising more than 20%. Storm was the biggest gainer in the past week, with a whopping 204% increase, rising 61 places in the process. Storm also held the title for highest increase in trading volume – up 19%. The market fared well overall, VEN, the biggest loser of the Top 100 only shed 4.65%.

Segment analysis – Application class projects rose 15% in market value

Projects in the Top 100 were split into 4 categories: Coin Projects, Application Class Projects, Platform Projects and Asset-Based Tokens. The market capitalization of application class projects increased by 15%. This is followed by coin projects and platform class projects, up 10.6% and 8.4% respectively. For more details on segment analysis, please refer to the Huobi Research Weekly (Vol. 3), available for download as per attachment.

Decrease in Mining Rewards of Bitcoin (21.78%) and Ethereum (0.48%) in the past week

Mining rewards for both industry leaders dropped. Bitcoin network average miners’ revenue as a percentage of block reward was 1.58%, a 14% dip week-on-week. Ethereum network daily mining rewards dipped less than 1% in the same period.

For more in-depth analyses on price movements, technical data and events-driven news, read Huobi Research Weekly Vol. 3 as per attachment. The report is currently free to download. The data in this article is produced in collaboration with Huobi Academy Blockchain Application.


Download the Full report in the following languages below:

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